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PRICE: $89.00
Model: 744109796043

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At Kettlebells Australia our Gymnastic Ring are made available to assist you in your kettlebell training as well as other types of training.

Gymnastic rings are the single greatest tool for building upper body strength. They may look simple, but they are in fact, much harder in comparison to push-ups, dips or chin-ups. Using this as part of your workout routine will deliver improved upper body strength and size gains, enhanced abdominal development, strength transference, and strength and stability of both core and shoulder.

Try it out and see for yourself the boost in your kettlebell swings and snatch, and your overall athletic ability!

- A pair of wooden rings
- High-strength and heavy-duty nylon straps
- Metal buckle for quick and easy adjustment
- Comes with set-up instruction
- Can be used both indoor or outdoor
- Maximum recommended weight: 440lbs (200kg approx.)
- Material: High quality plywood ring and 100% nylon strap
- Ring Dimension: 23.5cm x 23.5cm x 3.2cm
- Strap length - 38mm (width) x 4.5m (length) approx.
- Weight: 1.8kg approximate
- Warranty included

*Store in dry place and do not use under the rain

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