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20kg Cast Iron Kettlebell Clearance

PRICE: $60.00


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20kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

These Kettlebells are a one-piece cast iron construction, giving you the ultimate workout and safety knowing that they are the best quality. The Kettlebell handles are smooth and optimised for all kettlebell techniques.

Kettlebells can help you to pack on muscle, increase your functional strength, develop explosive power and strengthen core stabilisers. Kettlebell training can even develop endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is probably the most basic kettlebell exercise. And the easiest to start with.  Take your kettlebell, set in on the ground, and then stand over it, with a foot on either side. Your feet should be at shoulder width, pointed slightly outward.

Crouch down and pick up the kettlebell with both hands, so that it's hanging between your legs. Then just bend your knees, crouch down, and stand up while explosively thrusting your hips forward.

This will swing the kettlebell flying up to chest altitude. Then it will fall back down in an arc, and you bend your knees to go with it back between your legs. And stand up explosively again, and again….

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